Thursday, August 21, 2008

hold you until you get sick of me

Well, I dont know if today was a washout, or a success. I managed to completely clean the backyard and the kitchen. Yet, I feel like I didnt do enough. The day started out completely horrible. I had BAD nightmares last night. Horrid ones. The sub was sinking and I was watching all the guys drown, even Eric and yet there was nothing I could do about it. That teaches me to watch Olympic diving before I go to sleep. I am hoping that tonight goes better, but who knows. I will have two little girls sleeping with me.

Oh yeah, that is right. Both the girls are planning on sleeping with me tonight. Why? Cause we are having a Camp Rock party. What is Camp Rock you ask? Its a Jonas Brothers movie. Sigh, when did she get old enough to like boys? Better question, why didnt I notice she was getting that old?

The bright point of my day was the email from Eric. I live for his emails. Why? Cause phone calls just dont happen while underway. Kind of makes me want him to be on deployment. At least then you get to talk to them every now and then. Granted, mission blackout sucks. Anyway, back to the email. So, this is what he writes to me:

"i think the day we get back i want so pasta if your up for it!!!! then we can talk over dinner about the next week and spend time with the girls and stuff at the same time it would be good. i miss you so mu!ch. i just want come home and hold you until you get sick of me. then hold you so more."

Sigh.......its nice to be loved. And nice that he appears to be in a good mood. I dont have the heart to write him back that coming back isnt for a while yet. I think he knows. Its just better to avoid talking about it. Granted, we get a whole $250 dollars for him being gone. Yeah, like $250 is gonna replace my husband. Seriously, what kind of fucking joke is that? Hey, we are going to take your husband away for a while, here is a pittance to help you. Yes, I know I shouldnt complain because civilian wives dont get that. Yes, and civilian wives dont generally go without speaking/seeing their husbands for months at a time.

Ok, enough of that rant. On to another. Still no word on when our money is coming in. Guess I just have to have Eric deal with it when he gets back. Grumble, we could really use that money. Ok, enough of ALL the ranting.

I am getting excited. I get to have a couple of hours sans girls this weekend. Thank God. Ken has be voluntold to watch them so Jeannie and I can head over to Sam's for Taco Night. Woo woo! Toss me a Corona. I am ready to NOT be a mom for a couple of hours. Ok, so I will have Alvin so I have to behave, but I am still ready. Still have to figure out what is meant by Mexican attire though. *ponder*

Ok, off to watch Camp Rock with the girls!