Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, yeah, the girls decided that Alvin needed to go for a ride in an inflatable pool ring. They inflated it halfway and 'bounced' him. He just looked too cute in it, so I figured, "what the hell" and took a picture. The second one is him right after a bath. He is totally rocking the spiked look. You gotta love those big beautiful blue eyes. He hates bath time, but the opportunity to get a good pic was upon me, so once again, my trusty camera was clicking away. As you can see, they were definately having a good time.

I have been listening to Josh Turner's "Long Black Train" all afternoon. Boy oh boy. I really need to remember that listening to Josh Turner while Eric is gone only makes me even more upset. That deep voice only reminds me what it sounds like when Eric sings. *sigh* So yeah, I ended up dissolving into a giant puddle of tears yet again. Luckily, the girls were busy playing by themselves and Alvin was napping at this point. I hate to let the kids see me cry. All it does is upset them even more.

Another point of concern, my arm. For the past couple of days, my right hand has been spazzing out on me. For no reason whatsoever, it will jam up into a fist and clench a couple of times, then release. It does this about 3 times an hour. But, like every 2 minutes, my thumb just jams into my palm. Like stick your thumb straight out like you are displaying all your fingers, yeah, mine goes from that, to straight tucked in as far as it can get. Its starting to worry me, but, I dont really want to go to a doctor for muscle spasms. Seems kind of silly.

I have to potluck at the FRG meeting tommorrow. I am supposed to make spaghetti for it. We shall see if I actually get around to making it this time. Well, I ~did~ make it the time before, I just left it at home like a dummy. We shall see! Will I triumph over what I have begun to call 'stupid brain syndrome'? Tune in tommorrow.


{ Becca } August 20, 2008 at 8:51 AM  

I LOVE Josh Turner. I'm certain that if I wasn't married, he would come and find me, profess his undying love, and sing "Would you go with me" to me every night before bed.
Um, yeah. "Long Black Train" is such a good song!
I hope your arm gets to feeling better. Maybe it's stress?? Your kiddos are so cute!