Monday, August 18, 2008

So yeah

Ok, I really need to learn to keep this thing updated. Anyway, I posted this on my Myspace page:

"Wow, its been a pretty hectic couple of days. Getting things cleaned, downsizing some stuff. Basically, trying to pair down the million and a half toys the girls have, and things like that.
So, the real reason for writing this. I got an email from Eric..and I lengthy one. He is glad that the situation with Toby has resolved itself. So am I. He is extremely upset with his division and the kick out section right now. Rather, the lack of a kick out section, actually. But, this is the part that brought a smile to my face. He finally gets it!
"... and if anyone else gets between us then they also can get lost, we are in the right here and i will not back down form it."
mmmmmm, if anyone else gets between us they can get lost...mmmm
You go boy!"

Can you tell that I am beyond happy with his current stance on that situation? Oh yes, and what a horrid situation it is. I can only imagine what they tell people. Not the truth of course, because if it was the truth they couldnt look like the victims. Oh well, karma will triumph in the end.

Now, to bigger and better things. Eric is taking almost 2 weeks leave the next time the boat comes into port. Woo hoo! We are planning on going back to Ohio for a visit and to get the house ready to sell. He emailed me "i have list of things i want to do when we et back to ohio, i don't have it planned out yet but i have a list. i need you to get in contact with a junk yard from back there and find out what condition will they buy a car/vehicle. i might have a person to sell the jeep to also. i know, i said i would not sell it but he is looking to restore a old he will d!o it right. so i won't feel to bad about it." Ok, first off, a list of things? oh boy. I am guessing we are in for home improvement out the wazoo. Secondly, a junkyard? For what pray tell. The charger? Hrm. As for the Jeep, I was floored by this. He is selling his Jeep. Just insane. I guess spending all this time underwater really has had him re-evaluating his priorities.

I had a better weekend than I thought I would. Went to Sam's yard sale on Saturday morning. Got to see her and Jeannie. Went to the FRG event at Cows and Cones. (mmmmmm yummy ice cream) on Saturday afternoon. Then had a somewhat quiet evening at home. Sunday, took the kids to North Lake to the beach. Ken and Jeannie were there too. Thanks for the wonderful day guys. It was so relaxing and so what I needed.

Been thinking about whether or not we are actually going to do the whole BBQ thing for our anniversary. I am thinking that we will probably just cancel that whole train of thought and just see if someone can watch the kids for a day so we can spend some time alone. Time alone? blasphemy. :)

Oh, one more thing before I go......Eric shaved his head bald and has grown a mustache. Lord only knows what he looks like. I can only imagine, and its not good.