Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy day and only half done.

So, we get up this morning and head to Walmart vision to get Emali's eyes checked out. Its official. She needs glasses. Wonderful. More money we get to spend. So, she picks out these cute Hannah Montana frames.

$150 dollars later and our order was finalized. (This is just for the glasses. Ugh!) She should be rocking her new glasses next weekend. I will definately post pics once we get the glasses actually on her face. She is so excited to have glasses too. I cant wait to see Eric's face. Plus, he gets to teach her how to care for them, since well, I have no clue. I havent known where my glasses are for years. Never took care of them even when I had them.

So, then it was off to Babies R Us to get Joy's shower gift. I know. Sneaky. I refuse to buy things on people's registry before an event cause I know that people tend to look at what they are getting and what they arent. I like to be surprised with gifts. So, I tend to buy things the day of events. So here is what I got Joy:

It was a nice shower. Samantha really outdid herself. Wonderful food, awesome decorations, fun atmosphere. You really do throw nice parties Sam! And Grats to you Joy! That little boy will be here before you know it! Cant wait to meet him!

Last but certainly not least. Happy birthday to you Jeannie! Hope its filled with fun and laughter.