Monday, October 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Well, this was a wonderful weekend. Eric is home now. (For a little while anyway) The weather was beautiful. We went out to East Haddam and went to Gillette Castle. It was a spectacular visit. We took the tour of the castle and walked along the various trails on the land. Totally breathtaking.

We ended up finding a little beach that was down near the ferry and spent quite a while down there just watching the boats race up and down the river. The girls played in the sand and the waves.

Then Sunday, we went back to East Haddam and went to Devil's Hopyard. Chapman Falls was gorgeous. We walked around there for a while and just sat and listened to the falls. We had a picnic that afternoon. It was wonderful just spending time with Eric and the kids.
I know that Eric had a good time too. He was grinning ear to ear all day.