Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Um...where'd ya go?

Nowhere really. Just been insanely busy around here. Eric had a boat holiday. Which, for those not in the know, means that the boat had some days off. No work. Still had to pull duty, but hey. That isnt so bad to have your hubs around for the better part of 5 days.

So, what all have we done in the past week?

We are furiously cleaning and organizing the house. Some people do this in the spring. I tend to do it towards winter when I notice that the night comes way too close to when Emali gets off the bus from school. The doldrums set in and I realize that for the next 5 or so months, our house will be our oasis from the ickiness that is sure to creep in outside. I love snow, but I hate the dark and cold.

Also, Eric's Dad and Step-mom have hinted that they are coming for Thanksgiving. So, that will be interesting. I had already scoured the stores to find a turkey just the right size for the 5 of us. (did you know its virtually impossible to find a turkey under 10 pounds?). Now, I have to go on the search again, cause the 6 pounder I actually did manage to find wont be big enough. Now, I could just get one of those monster 14+ pound turkeys. Problem with that. I have a 15in wall oven. It just wouldnt fit.

Then Saturday, I went to the Lia Sophia party at Samantha's house. MMmmmmmmm, cheese and wine and jewelry. Well, ok. The jewelry part really isnt all that much my favorite, but the brie she had was! Yummy. I did end up ordering a slide that perfectly matches my engagment ring and a necklace with a very interesting pendant. Then, it was off to shop. BY MYSELF! woo hoo! No kids for a whole afternoon. Dont get me wrong, I love my kids, but sometimes, you just need a break. Time for yourself where you dont hear "Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!"

Sun, Mon, and yesterday. Kind of a blur. I really dont remember what we did. But, I know it involved cleaning and relaxing. The one thing I do remember is. We got Emali's hair cut. She looks wonderful.