Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can breathe, finally!

Ok, some of you know the whole Balfour Beatty housing thing. In fact, I think most of you know, so, there is no point in beating a dead horse. Well, the whole situation has me so stressed out, that it constantly feels like I am being squashed in a vice. Last night, that changed.

I had just left Chuck E. Cheese with the kids. I was getting everyone in the van and trying not to flip out, when I felt my phone vibrate. My inital thought was, "Who the f^*k is calling me?" Then, it rang. (I have my phone set to vibrate for 2 rings, then 2 for 2 rings). Holy crap. It was Eric's ring tone. After staring at the screen in disbelief, I answered and heard "Hey Baby". I immediately started crying.

I told Eric all about the housing situation and being jerked around. I told him everything that I could think of with this whole mess. He calmed me down and we formed a plan. He is going to talk to the command and at least let them know what is going on. I am going to take the house only if I have no other choice.

I tell you, nothing beats a 3 hour phone call in the evening, especially when you arent expecting it. We talked, and laughed. I cried. He told me that its going to be ok. He won't be gone forever. That I can do this. Then he called me a dork and I laughed some more. The conversation wasnt nearly as long as I would have liked, but, I am grateful that I was able to talk to him at all.

I love you Eric. Thank you, I can finally breathe.

PS. figured I'd add some pics from CEC.
Alvin eating a french fry.
Erin the pizza bandit. Grab and go.
The only pic of Emali I could get.