Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

So yeah, been busy. Crazy busy. Insane busy. Been trying to move stuff down to the new house so that the only things left to move at the end of the month are the big things. Ie, dressers, beds, washer, dryer, etc. everything else, save maybe a week's worth of stuff, I want to try to have moved by the 20th. That way, I can have that weekend to put it all away. Then take a week to rest, and move all the big stuff the last Fri/Sat of the month. I am so excited to actually live in a house that I dont have to worry about drafts, mold, lead paint, etc.

Anyway, I am almost halfway through the week from hell. I have to go to New Haven tomorrow for Alvin's GI appointment. Thursday is Dentist at 10 and visiting nurse at 12:30. Then going out for Alvin's 1 year Bday with J and K. Friday is Alvin's 1 year appointment at the NACC at 9am, and then his sweat test down at Yale(New Haven again) at 12:30. Then, its on to more moving all weekend long. *sigh* I am so busy that I am forgetting to eat. I am feeding the kids, so no worries there. But I cant seem to take the time to feed myself. Bleah. Oh well, maybe I will lose some weight.

Anywho, wish me luck, patience, and understanding. This week just absolutely sucks.