Thursday, March 26, 2009

Biopsy results

They found nothing. Well, not nothing. They found some localized irritation to his esophagus and his stomach lining. So, rather than move on to trying to aggressively figure out what this is, they have prescribed MORE Prevacid. They dont think the liquid is working, so they are going to give him a tablet. A tablet that I have to crush and mix with water. Um...isnt that a liquid? grr. They want to do that until June and go from there.

Eric and I are livid. Luckily, we have a doctor's appt tommorrow with Lt Lezcano. So, we are going to talk to her and see if she can get us a referral to somewhere else since Yale doesnt seem to be taking this seriously. I mean come on. The nurse called us and said that we should be happy since the Prevacid will alleviate his irritation so he should eat more and gain weight. *boggle*. He doesnt have an issue with eating! Come on now people. Read your charts.

I will post more on this tomorrow after we talk to Lt Lezcano.


Joe and Samantha March 27, 2009 at 7:35 AM  

Sounds SUPER frustrating.Go with your mommy gut though- and keep digging. Make them keep looking.
Prayers and love to Alvin! :)