Thursday, March 19, 2009

We're home

Yes, we are finally home. Instead of driving straight through, we stopped in PA and stayed at a hotel. Alvin was feeling miserable, so we didnt want to make him ride any further. After a restful evening in the hotel, we headed back home this morning. No time to rest though. Tomorrow, we have to take Alvin down to Yale to have his endoscopy/biopsy done. Its scheduled for 9am. So, wish up luck that we can get the girls dropped off and down to Yale with some semblence of sanity left. Did I mention that we arent allowed to feed Alvin or give him anything to drink after midnight? Yeah, wonderful. Oh well.

We wont know anything resultswise until next week sometime, but I will post tomorrow night just to let everyone know how Alvin faired with the endoscopy.