Friday, April 3, 2009


I know the pics are horridly fuzzy, but that is because he is behind dirty plexiglass, not my camera. He is getting big. Being in the pound is starting to get to him. Donna, the AC officer we like, said that he just isnt as perky as he used to be. But, he is still eating, he isnt feverish, etc. So, she isnt worried about him coming down with rabies. He is just a very depressed doggie right now. But, because that can be a sign of rabies, they have put him on a higher quaratine level. No visitors at all. So, we dont get to see Charley at all for at least 10 days. Reason? If he is exhibiting signs of rabies, we will know in the next 10 days because he will get worse and will eventually become 'angry'. So, please, cross your fingers that its not rabies and its just a funk. I really miss my baby.