Monday, April 6, 2009

Success! (somewhat)

Got a call just a little while ago. The state vet has agreed that based on the circumstances surrounding Charley's wildlife 'encounter', and his age and vaccine roster, that Charley should be allowed to have a complete vet workup including getting his last round of puppy shots! Yay! Its a small victory, but it is a victory. Generally, once in quaratine, they wont be seen by a vet unless they are exhibiting signs of rabies. But, because Charley is still a little puppy. (Well, as little as a 5 month old Golden gets), that he can be seen by a vet and finish his puppy series of vaccines. They last thing we need is for Charley to get close to being released and catch Parvo or something else. So, the state vet has looked over the casefile and decided that the risk to the vet is minimal and that Charley can be examined. Yay!