Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture day!

Today was picture day at school. Both girls wanted their hair straightened and both somehow managed to pick something yellow to wear. Let's hope their school pictures turn out well.

So, that is the school news. In other news, Eric and I have sat down and figured out the budget based on losing sea pay, sub pay, and nuclear pay. Add to that getting a couple thousand less than what we were supposed to for our bonus, and we have decided:
Over Thanksgiving break, the kids and I will be moving back home to Ohio. Yes, Ohio. We have taken the house off the market, effective immediately. The renters were due to move out in October anyway. Eric will be staying in Groton until the Navy figures out what they are doing with him. Right now it looks as if he will remain in transient billeting for the remainder of his contract (3 years!!!!). His plan is to talk to his chain of command and see if it would be at all possible to rerate into recruiting and get a recruiting billet back home. It isnt looking promising right now. We just dont see how they can let him rot in transient billeting for 3 years. He isnt on med hold. He isnt anything right now.
So, I get to begin the mudane task of packing. We will be delivering our first load of stuff into our house back in Ohio the same weekend we retake control of the keys. We had to go home for it anyway, might as well make the trip worth it.
We dont want to geobach, but unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay for two houses without all the extra pays. Base pay just doesnt cover it and we refuse to put ourselves in dire straights.
So, anyone in Groton have any boxes?