Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adults and Kindergarten

So, yesterday, I was suspended from a submarine wives forum that I belog to. Why? Because I responded to a comment about me being snarky, and posted about the general snarky nature of the forms recently. We have a memeber on there who posted an inflammatory video stating that anyone who wasnt a Christian should rot in hell, as well as several inflammatory statements that anyone who wasnt a Christian was wrong, etc. Basically, one hell of a personal attack on anyone who wasnt Christian. Then, we have another member, who used the forum to make up lies about another member to attempt to get her into trouble with CFS and to get her DH kicked out of the Navy.

Apparently, that behavior is acceptable to the site owner. Puzzling isnt it? There have been several people, including a site admin, post that they didnt read snark into any of the posts that got me banned. The site owner doesnt care. I really feel that she is just trying to save face after overreacting. The funniest part? She posted on the same thread about how if someone reads snark into a post, perhaps they should log off, and re read it later. Too bad she wont listen to her own advice.

Sad part is, I saw this coming. The site owner has done nothing lately but read snark into anything I post. Doesnt matter what it is, she reads something else into it. Doesnt matter whether no one else does, she does. The whole board used to be a community for wives/fiances/girlfriends to ask questions and feel like their world wasnt entirely screwed up. Now? It's turning into another cesspool of drama and snark. It has been for months. Members get nasty with each other. Most posts are dripping with sarcasm and snark. We've had people blatantly attack each other. Nothing was done. NOTHING! No repirmand. No gentle reminder to be civil. Nothing.

So, then we have yesterday. I wish I could access the site long enough to post what was actually said, but it doesnt matter. I posted something that was severly misread, and then was blatantly attacked for it. I clarified my response, and then posted a "to the admins" vent about how I was sick and tired of all the drama on the board and nothing being done. Tired of being personally villified anytime I posted something. Sick of the overall "You're wrong and I'm right" attitude that was going on. The site owner took it as a personal attack, even though NO ONE ELSE did. Several people have posted, via my Facebook and in the forum itself, that they didnt read into it what she did. But, it looks like the site owner is pulling the "I own it" card to justify her behavior.

So sad. So very sad that adults end up acting like Kindergarteners. "No, you cant play with us anymore because I dont like your dress!"