Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

We started Sunday off by actually sleeping in until almost 9am. All four(4) of us! I was amazed. Then, we had a leisurley(sp) breakfast and I went outside to clean out the garage. While I cleaned the garage, the kids played in the inflatable pool I put out for them.

That's basically how we spent most of the afternoon. Me cleaning the garage, and the kids playing either in the pool or the sandbox. We had to run to Wal*Mart and I saw a sign for fireworks. So I took the kids to a parking lot nearby and we set up to wait for the sun to go down so we could watch the fireworks.
Emali waiting on the sun to go down.
Erin waiting on the sun to go down.
Alvin just being Alvin. He wouldnt lay the other way to get a normal right side up picture.
Watching the fireworks. Alvin just loved them.