Sunday, May 16, 2010

What we've been up to!

Since Eric came home (on leave) Tuesday, we've been insanely busy. Busy, busy, busy. We had a great time though. Almost an entire week on leave. Wow. I cant believe it. The time went so fast. I dont want him to go, but go he must. Thought you all might enjoy some collages on what we've been doing.

Eric got really busy on Wednesday/Thursday doing the tilling for the flower beds and the vegetable garden we are putting in. He didnt get it all tilled, so I'll have to finish it in the next few days.

Top from the left: Eric playing around in the garden; Alvin helping with the garden; Charley laying in the garden.
Bottom from left: Eric tilling the flower beds; Eric tilling the garden; A double of Eric playing around in the garden

Then, on Friday night, we took the kids to Hilltop Drive In in Chester, WV. It was Alvin's first time at the drive in. He loved it! He stayed awake til about halfway through the second movie. How to Train Your Dragons was a GREAT movie. Iron Man 2 was so-so. Eric liked it, but it's not the best super hero movie I've ever seen.

Top from left: Eric and Alvin at the Drive In; Emali and Alvin; Alvin watching Dragons
Bottom from left: The kids playing; Erin; Emali

Saturday, we drove the Lima, OH for the 25th Annual 4 Wheel Jamboree. Alvin just LOVES monster trucks, so we had to take him. The 4.5 hour drive was rough, but it was all worth it when we saw his face as he saw the trucks.

Top from left: Alvin in Bigfoot's tire; Alvin watching the monster trucks; Eric and the kids standing in front (under) Bigfoot
Bottom from left: Eric with Raminator; Alvin passed out on the way home; Bigfoot

Today, we took the kids to the Cleveland Zoo. We had a blast there. I am definitely going to be taking the kids back there. Even though it's a 1.5 hour drive, it's well worth the drive. We got to see the rare Titan Arum (corpse flower) bloom. So, that was cool. They also have an animatronic dinosaur exhibit that the kids just loved.

Top from left: Alvin playing on a slide, Titan Arum (corpse flower), Eric and I on the train
Bottom from left: Baby Koala; the girls on the train; Red Panda


KK May 16, 2010 at 10:54 PM  


I love a good zoo! I hate that they don't have any around here!