Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My loot from the tent sale

So, here's my long overdue Homer Laughlin post. I got up about 7am on Saturday to get ready for the tent sale. Got my breakfast, put on the comfy shoes, loaded the appliance dolly in the van, then sat down to wait on my Grandma. She was sooo kind enough to come down to my house at 8:30 to watch the kids so I could go stand in line for hours to buy dishes. Seriously, my Grandma rocks. Thanks a million Grandma.

I made it to Newell, West Virginia (where the Homer Laughlin outlet is) around 9am. Got my ticket and stood in line. The gates open at 10am, and they only let in 75 people at a time. So, it was a long but manageable wait. I finally got to the tent at 11am. Spent the next hour IN the tent looking through all the wears. Internets, I was seriously happy. Me! Happy about dishes. Go figure. I found everything I was wanting and then some. I got a butter dish, my salt n pepper shakers, bowls, plates, rammekins, etc. All total I got 74 pieces for just under $140. Let me just say that if I'd have bought retail I would've spent close to $400, if not more. So it was one heck of a deal.

My loot