Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ABC's of me

Stole this from Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites!.

A. My air conditioner is set at: 70 or 72. Mostly it's set at 70 during the day, and 72 at night or when I leave for long periods of time.

B. My bedroom theme is: I dont have one. I dont want to spend enough time in my bedroom to require a theme. So, I guess if I have to pick, it'd be 'streamlined'.

C. The car in my driveway is: Currently, a 2006 Toyota Corolla. But we also have a 2007 Dodge Caravan and a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel.

D. My desk is: currently in the back of the truck in CT. Eric just got it for me. Up until then, I didnt have one.

E. The exact time I wake up daily is: I dont? Not in the summer anyway. During the school year I get up at 7:30am every morning.

F. The first thing I wash in the shower is: My hair. That way I can put the conditioner in it and leave it on the whole shower. Then rinse when it's almost time to get out.

G. My garage is filled with: Like Andrea, mine is full of everything but the car. The snowblower, the lawn mower, various packed boxes, car parts, etc. Sad fact is, it's a two care garage and I can barely fit my bicycle in it.

H. My house is: a mistake. I wish Eric would have never bought it. It's an albatross hanging around our neck and the reason we have to geobach. I hate it. I used to love it, now I cant stand it.

I. If you peeked inside my bedroom, you'd see: A pile of clean clothes on Eric's side of the bed I havent put away. A couple of boxes that I packed recently. Photos of my family on the walls. And a bright orange blanket on the bed.

J. My favorite juice is: any one that comes prepacked in a juice box. Makes life tons easier. Oh wait? You meant for me to drink? Gonna have to go with white grape and peach. Yum.

K. The best part of my kitchen is: the cupboards. I just adore the cupboards in my kitchen. They are this dark mahogany that I love. I'm going to be so sad when I have to leave my kitchen behind. It's the one thing I wish I could take with me everywhere.

L. The last person who visited my home was: Eric. Yes he counts because he doesnt live here. Beore that? Grandma watched the kids for the Home Laughlin tent sale. Oh, actually visit?? Yeah. Dont really want to go there. No one comes to see me. The last time anyone came to visit was the girls birthday party back in March.

M. The last piece of mail for me was: Insurance cards. So exciting huh?

N. My neighbors think I'm: well, that depends on which one you ask. Down the hill? She and I get along fine now. Up the hill to rear? Dont talk to them much. Wave every time they drive down their driveway though. Neighbor up the hill to the front? Cant stand her so I'm sure she thinks I'm a bitch. Which is fine, cause so is she.

O. If you opened my fridge, you'd see: leftover pizza, milk, eggs, juice boxes, sweet tea, random lunch meat, cheese, condiments of every kind. Typical house with 3 kids fridge.

P. My last house party was: See L above. March for the girls' birthday. (I really despise family drama)

Q. A quick meal I like to fix is: Pizza Hut?? In all seriousness, probably cheaters tuna casserole. Make box mac n cheese and add peas/tuna. Remember, I'm cooking for 3 kids. I dont get much variety.

R. My favorite room of the house is: My kitchen. See K above.

S. The shampoo brand I use is: Herbal Essences. I love it.

T. My largest television is: a 52 inch rear projection. Yes, a HUGE, HEAVY TV. But I love that thing.

U. Under my bed you will find: My cat. Baccarra's favorite place to hide is under there. So that's pretty much all that's under there.

V. The last time I vacumed was: Sadly, on Friday. I'm such a slackass.

W. Looking out my window I see: Nothing. It's 11:30 at night. It's dark out there. If it was daytime, I'd see the deck, the deck furniture and grass.

X. I wish I had Xtra: Money. Doesnt everyone wish that though?

Y. My yard is: My nemesis. I hate mowing grass ya'll. And we have over an acre to mow with a PUSH POWER! A freaking push mower. I'm soooo glad I was able to hire it out recently for a decent cost.

Z. ZZZZZZzz my bedtime is: Whenever I fall asleep. I am constantly battling insomnia, so it can vary from 9pm to as late as 4am.