Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We have tomatoes!

I know. I know. My garden update will be tomorrow, like it's supposed to be. But I was just soooo excited to get 2 ripe tomatoes from our little garden. The girls cant wait to slice into them tonight at supper. Yummy!
See those 2 red ripe tomatoes??? Yay! Tomatoes!
We also have quite a few pumpkins coming along well. The girls just insisted that I update on them as well. Each pumpkin is shown with one of the girls' hand as a reference for the size.
Pumpkin 1
Pumpkin 2
Pumpkin 3
Pumpkin 4
Pumpkin 5
The girls are very excited that they are getting 'good stuff' out of the garden. They couldnt wait to show you all.
Emali and Erin with their tomatoes.