Saturday, December 25, 2010


I know that I am truly blessed with wonderful children. You see, they sleep in on Christmas morning. No, not til 7am or some such nonsense. They truly sleep in. 9am is pretty normal. Today it was 10 am. Yes, I'm serious. 10 am on Christmas morning! When they finally awoke, they were treated to the sight of a well loaded tree.

Then they were forced to eat breakfast before they were allowed to open their gifts. We did bend on that rule a little. We allowed them to open their stockings while the sausage cheese balls baked.

Then after they devoured their breakfast, it was on to the main event: the presents under the tree. They had sooo many I was amazed. Gifts from Santa, from us, from Grandma, from Grammy and Grandpa, from MeMa, Papa and Aunt Many, from Grammy Sammy and Grandpa Rich. They were loaded with presents. They had a good time of it though.