Monday, March 14, 2011

As sands through the hourglass...

So are the days of my life. *giggle* So, those of you that know us (or paid attention to various posts) know. Eric was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia back in September 2009. (Wow has it really been THAT long?). Because of this, he has to take an anti seizure medication called Tegretol. He was subsquently removed from both submarine and nuclear duty. The process that was supposed to take 6-8 weeks has FINALLY come to a conclusion.

Last week, we recieved Eric's official disqualification papers for both submarine and nuclear duty. Effective Feb 18, 2011. This meant he needed to rerate or attempt to qualify for LimDu (limited duty) again to seek a new treatment we had found out about. Unfortunately, today he was denied a second LimDu period. So, as of 1pm this afternoon, Eric will be rerating. He will begin this process sometime this week. He's hoping for either CTN, GSM, or MM (non nuke). Once he gets his new rating, we will then be able to pick out orders. So, looks like we'll be moving away from Groton sometime in the foreseeable (soon) future. I know that he's upset with losing the nuclear part of his designation. It's something he truly loved. But he's picked out a few ratings he thinks he'd enjoy just as much. I am grateful that if the Navy just forces him to the non-nuke side of his previous rate, he'll be happy. We've still got many years til retirement.

So, I will keep you all updated as things progress. Hopefully, it wont be another 18 months before something happens.