Sunday, August 7, 2011

Greenford Firemen's Festival

So glad we were back in town to do go to this. Since my Dad and Step-Mom are on the Greenford Fire Department, we always try to go to the festival. It's the biggest thing to hit Greenford pretty much all year. This year was no exception. We did take a small break to head to Thunder Jam. When we first got there, we ate. And boy did we eat! I got a chicken sandwich, baked beans and a drink. Eric got a meatball sub, baked beans, pumpkin pie and a drink. Each of the kids got a sandwich, side, dessert and a drink. We only paid $22!!!! How freaking awesome. All that food for such a little cost. Shortly after that we headed to Thunder Jam. After Thunder Jam, we headed back to the festival. Once back, Eric took Alvin to jump in the Lightning McQueen bouncy house they had there. $1 for 5 mins of jumping. Alvin spent $10 jumping. But he had a BLAST! The girls and I played Bingo for a while. Then we got some homebaked goods, cotton candy and some fair fries! It was a really great night!

 Alvin and Eric with a firetruck (or a whee-oo as Alvin calls them)
Alvin in the boucy house


Bri0213 August 8, 2011 at 10:37 AM  

isn't it amazing how happy we get when we're able to do something fun (with the whole family) and NOT spend an arm and a leg (unlike doing ANYTHING in CT)