Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soccer Weekend #4

Woo hoo! The sun was shining. It was a gorgeous day. However it was marred by a presence, well two to be exact. We won't go into that on here though. My FB on the other hand... Anyway, Emali was in a pretty lousy mood because of the other events going on this weekend, but she still gave it her all in the game. She attempted at least 4 shots on the goal. She missed, but she's doing so much better on her attempts. But, her team still won! 5-1!!! She was sooo excited! What made it even better was her Grammy Sammy and Grandpa Rich were there to see her!

 Em's cheering section this week!
I just thought this pic of Erin and Alvin was too cute!

I also want to share a really short video with you. Alvin's been pretending to be a zombie lately. This is his as a zombie 'eating' his sister's brains.