Sunday, October 16, 2011

Soccer Weekend #5

So, not only was Saturday horridly cold, Em's team suffered a devastating loss. 0-8 The kids just didn't want to be there. They didn't want to play. "It's too cold!" That's what every single one of them complained about. Ya'll it -was- cold. It was 47 degrees, but with howling winds, the windchill was 33! 33! Way too cold! I'm glad I checked the temp before I had Em get ready though. Brr.

 Em taking a throw in.
 Our Em and the 'other' Em. It's so funny to hear the Coach yell to them during a game.

 Brr. Yes, it was THAT cold. Don't mind the ugliness of this pic. It was an early Saturday morning soccer game. I don't get gussied up for that. (Not that I do any other time. )
 See! We're all bundled up!
 Even Alvin was!

This is a pic I took earlier today of Eric tossing Alvin into the air. I know, some of you don't like it. Well, don't do it with your child then.