Monday, December 12, 2011

O' Tannenbaum, o' tannenbaum ...

Saturday morning, we took a trip out to our local tree farm to get our tree. We were only there about 20 mins before we found the perfect tree. The place provided saws and sleds. All we needed to do was cut it down!

 Eric cutting down the tree.
 Alvin wanted to help.
 Ta-da! The tree's on the sled!
 The journey back to the entrance. Look at all these trees!
 Our tree getting bailed!
 Alvin putting on his first ornament of the year.

 Erin putting on hers.
 Eric putting on his.
 Emali putting on hers.
 Even I got in on the action in my awesome Chilly Willy jammie pants. You know you're jealous.
Our finished tree! I think it looks great.