Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flower planter from an old door

Yep. That's right. I turned this pile of stuff into a planter. Sort of. I like it, but you may not! So, here's how I did it, and how much it cost.

1 old door ($10 on a local buy/sell/trade site)
1 window planter kit ($15 at Home Depot)
1 set of window box holders ($9 at Home Depot)
1 hanging basket hanger ($6 at Home Depot)
1 hanging basket ($15)
various flowers ($5)
1 small bag of potting soil ($4 at Home Depot)

Total cost: $64  You could do this cheaper if you already have some of the stuff.

It was very easy to do too. It would have only taken me 15 mins, but I had to wait mid project for my drill to recharge. So...

1. Attach box holders and basket hanger to door. It should look something like this:
2. Plant the flowers in the window box.
3. Stand door upright and place window box and hanging basket.
4. Admire your creation!

This is what it looks like in my own flower bed (which is still a work in progress)