Friday, June 1, 2012

Audiology appointment

Since school let out yesterday and Alvin wouldn't be receiving speech through it during the summer, his pediatrician referred him to a speech clinic. Part of the process to be seen by the SLP (speech language pathologist) is to have an in-depth hearing test done. Well, we did that on Wednesday.

Here he is doing the one test with the audiologist. When he heard the 'bird', he was to put a peg on the board. She was showing him how to do it at this point.

We are proud to say that HE HAS NORMAL HEARING! Woo hoo. One thing that works like it's suppose to. He has his follow up appointment with the SLP on Wednesday to talk about where to go from here. He'll most likely have very intensive speech therapy to work on the apraxia more than the school could do. Look for the post on that next week!