Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Speech Evaluation

Today was Alvin's speech evaluation for private speech services. It was long and brutal. Well, to me anyway. He seemed like he was having fun the whole time. About halfway through the eval, the SLP (speech language pathologist) brought the OT (occupational therapist) in to observe the eval. After doing some minor evals of her own, and some talking between the two of them, they feel confident that Alvin has Global Dyspraxia aka Developmental Dyspraxia. In other words, it's not just his speech that is being misinturpreted, but everything. They said that the dyspraxia would cause the low tone, drooling, motor control issues, and some of the sensory issues, if not all of them. So, yeah. Next stop is to see the neurodevelopmental pediatrician. How much of this is NF, and how much isn't, we don't know. Wonderful. Ugh. I'll get a full write up of the evaluations in the mail sometime in the next few days, so look for those once I get them. Anyway, some pics from today. They are pretty boring though, so you can skip them if you want.

 Spontaneous speech evaluation. The SLP was sitting behind that two way mirror and listening to him babble to himself while playing.
The articulation evaluation. She'd say something and he was supposed to repeat it back. Supposed to being the operative phrase.