Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To School: Part 1

Today, the girls headed back to school. They were both unbelievably excited to go back. Emali was most looking forward to seeing her friends, playing in band again, and having art first class. Erin was excited about showing off her cast, seeing her friends, and recess. Yep. That's my girls. Alvin doesn't start back to school until after Labor Day. Even then, he won't go his first week due to doctor's appointments. The girls were also excited to have the same bus driver they had last year, Miss Amy. They really really like her, which is awesome because I -HATED- my bus driver when I was in school. Mean old Mrs Phillips. Anyway, here are some pictures from this morning!

 THE sequin blue leopard boots that Emali just -had- to have for school.
 She was making faces at me and didn't think I'd take a picture. She was wrong. 
 There we go. A nice one. I can't believe how grown up she is already.
 Getting on the bus to head to her first day of SIXTH grade.
 Erin giving me the stink eye. The child just loves to ham for the camera and I wanted a serious picture.
 Her zebra pettiskirt she just -had- to have or she'd die. (Her words)
 The whole outfit. Pink, leopard, zebra, gingham, ruffles, and a skull. But she makes it work. Plus, you gotta love the 'broken doll' model pose she's striking. Too much "America's Next Top Model", methinks.
Getting on the bus to head to her first day of THIRD grade!