Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painting the town red

Ok. More like painting the shutters brown, but I thought it was a workable title. We spent the majority of the day yesterday painting my Grandma's shutters. They were this (ugly) light brown color that I've wanted painted for years. Grandma finally agreed, so paint the shutters we did! It made the house look completely different! However, I did learn that it's SO much easier just to buy them in the color you want to begin with. This lady will NOT be painting her shutters. Nope. However, it was fun doing it for Grandma. Me, Eric, and Emali all took turns painting. Alvin and Erin were the supervisors.

 Here are the shutters before. The light brown just kind of fades into the yellow that the house is painted.
 Here is a before/after color shot. Before on the left, after on the right. Don't you just LOVE the after color?
 Emali painting away. 
 The after! I think it looks a million times better. The shutters don't blend in with the house now. Marvelous!
This was the sunset on the way home. Just gorgeous.