Sunday, August 19, 2012


Once again, we had beautiful weather and a great weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Erin went to a friend's birthday party. Then we just kind of relaxed. Today, we went to the park! Eric worked first shift so he was able to come with us. Emali sulked around a bit, but we've come to expect that from Her Royal Tweenness. Attitude abounds with her these days. Where did my little angel go? Oh, yeah. She's growing up. Anyway, that's a post that could go on forever. Parenting kids is a tough gig.

 Look at Erin fly in the tire swing!
 My little man all smiles in a different tire swing.
 And this is why he was all smiles. His Daddy was pushing him. 
 I know it's a dark pic, but I love it. 
Alvin and Daddy. This boy LOVES his Daddy.