Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer Weekend #2

Today was a cold, wet, miserable day to play soccer. Emali, however, loves it when it's dreary like this. Today's game was against the Cyclones. Let me just say this, wow. They were an amazing team. Our team lost 0-5. 3 of those were scored against our first goalie, 2 against Emali. Emali couldn't have cared less though. Why? Well, because Eric, me, Erin, and Alvin where there. No wait. It was because Grammy Sammy, Grandpa Rich, and Grammy were there! Even though her team lost, she was really happy that they came, in the rain, to see her play.

 On defense, going to kick the ball back down the field.
 Standing there being bored goalie yet again.
Catching the ball!