Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soccer Weekend #3

Today we played against the Tigers. The two teams were definitely even matched, which made for a very interesting game. We did end up winning 3-1, but I'm truly amazed at how well matched the teams were. Also, one of Eric's cousin's children played on the opposing team, so that made it interesting on the sidelines. Speaking of sidelines, my Grandma and Eric's Dad both came today. Woo hoo! Emali just loves it when people come to watch her play. In the second half, Emali ended up on the ground and hurt, so she didn't play the last 10 or so minutes. However, this is a pretty normal event, at least in recent years.

 Kicking the ball back into play after an attempt on the goal was made.
 Catching the ball!

A child was down and hurt. So, the kids all take a knee. However, look closely at Emali's foot. That's just not natural!