Sunday, September 23, 2012

Steelers tutu how-to

This upcoming week is Spirit Week at the kids' school. Monday is Cowboy/Cowgirl day. Tuesday is Pajama Day. Wednesday is Superhero day. Thursday is Favorite Sports Team day. Friday is EXTREME Blue & White day. So, for Thursday Erin really wants to wear Steelers stuff. Well, she has a Steelers shirt that she loves, but she wanted to show even MORE spirit. Enter Mom. I decided to make her a black/yellow tutu to wear with her Steelers shirt. She LOVES it!

Steelers tutu how-to

Materials needed:

1 yard yellow tulle
1 yard black tulle
1 package 1/4 inch elastic
1 pair of scissors


Cut both yards of tulle into 1x12" strips. What I did was fold the tulle in half, then cut my one inch strips. Then I simply cut those in half to get the 12" length.

Take your elastic and cut to length using the child's waist as a guide. Overlap by one inch and hand sew or machine sew together.

Using a chair back to hold the elastic, tie alternating strips of tulle onto the elastic. It's a mindless time-consuming task. I was watching the Raiders-Steelers game while I did it. Just keep tying until you're all the way around the elastic.

 Remove from chair and let your child prance all around living room.

She just loves the tutu. I'm so glad I did this for her. It was very simple to do, and rather low cost. The yellow sparkle tulle was the highest cost at $4/yd. The black tulle was $2/yd. So, for under $10 total, she has more Steelers spirit.