Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Giant Face Tumor

Well, I'm sure that title got your attention. As most of the people that read this know, my son has neurofibromatosis. NF is a nerve disorder that causes unchecked growth of nerve cells, which form tumors anywhere a nerve is present.

Tonight, TLC (The Learning Channel) is airing a documentary called "My Giant Face Tumor" at 9pm EDT. It follows two people with NF. One of them is a man named Ed Port who is local to my area. He's a truly great man and an inspiration to all those who have NF.

So, please, take an hour out of your day, and watch the documentary so you too can learn more about neurofibromatosis.

To follow Ed's journey with NF, please like his Facebook page, or follow his blog. Thanks!


ed port May 25, 2013 at 11:45 PM  

It is my hope is that my story has given hope that is always hope. That we can never never give up hope. I just had my 4th operation on Nov 29th 2012 back with the good Dr Mckay Mckinnon in Chicago and will have more next year in 2013 if you wish to get in touch with me thou edneedsamiracle on Facebook. Just a note some you thought there was a written script not. This was all from the heart. NO BS just me telling the same things if you would ask me yourself. I just wish they would have told more of my story as did director also we where both asked to come up with a title and TLC choice to come up with there own. If it got people to watch and if it helped people that's what matters at the end of the day