Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soccer Weekend #7: Championship

Today's game was incredible. The weather was cold, wet, and insufferable, but the kids did amazing. We were playing against the only undefeated team in the league (for our age group). They were 6-0 going into the championship. We were 3-3. The kids had no hopes of winning, but they still wanted to give it their all.

The first half of the game was intense. Both teams had several attempts on the goal. Both teams scored a single goal. The kids headed into the second half bound and determined to play a wonderful game. About 5 mins into the second half, the other team scored to bring the score to 1-2. Emotions were flying high at this point and some of the kids from each team got pretty aggressive. Penalties were taken. Fouls aplenty. Then, about 5 mins before the end of the second half, we scored. This tied the game. Now, in a Championship game, there has to be a winner. So, the plan was to go to a 10 min overtime period. Then, if still tied, we'd go to a shootout. About 8 mins into the overtime period, WE SCORED. Yep. We ended up winning the championship 3-2. Our kids were so ecstatic. The whoops, squees, and cheers were loud. However, it was a hard loss for the other team.

Afterwards, the league had a short gameside trophy ceremony. Both teams in the championship received trophies and the coaches got to talk to the crowds. So say Emali is over the moon happy is an understatement.

 After the game, so happy. Her excitement just bubbled over.
 Emali with her trophy.
 The Arctic Foxes after winning. 
Silly pose team shot.