Monday, December 17, 2012

Our tree is up!

We went Saturday afternoon to get our tree. However, since we have a new cat this year, and he's a bit of a spaz, we have had it set up in the living room bare for a few days. Today, we took the time to put lights on and decorate it. Hemi (the cat) seems to be ignoring it for now. Let's hope it stays that way.

Warning. There are tons of pictures to follow.

 Walking to find our perfect tree. Alvin wanted to pull the sled.
 He found it! Not too tall. Not too fat. Just right.
 Eric cutting it down. I think I have this same exact picture for the last few years. Same coat. Same hat. Same position.
 Eric and Alvin pulling the sled with the tree on it.
 He wanted to pull it by himself. He made it about 5 feet before he was asking Daddy for help.
 Our awesome Yoda tree topper
 Putting the first ornament on
 This year it was Batman.
 Our tree all decorated!
Here's Hemi, the troublemaker.