Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

On Friday, we had our annual flashlight Easter egg hunt at my parents' house. The kids just love it. It's always cold, especially this year since Easter was so early. Doesn't stop the kids though!

All the grandkids. My three and my step-sister's two. 

Alvin looking for eggs.
Emali looking for eggs.
All their loot from Grammy and Grandpa!
Then, we head to this morning. Yay Easter! Unfortunately, Eric had to work, so he missed all the day's activities. *sadface*
Alvin with his Easter loot.
Erin with her Easter loot.
Emali with her Easter loot.
Then it was off to my parents' for Easter lunch. My Dad and Eric both were working. :(
Starting at the top and going clockwise: My Mom, Grandma J, Uncle Louie, Emali, Erin, Alvin, my Grandma.

This is my parents' cat, Viktor. He was begging. You'll see better in the second picture.

See. Viktor begging. Such a weird cat.