Saturday, September 14, 2013

Soccer Weekend #1

Ok. It's that time of year again, only this year I have all three kids in soccer! Today was definitely an interesting day on the fields. Erin and Alvin both were able to play their games, but Emali was not. Why? There was a high-pressure gas line rupture next to the driveway leading to the fields. Because of this, most of Emali's team wasn't able to make it in order to play. They have rescheduled her game for Thursday instead.

This is both Erin and Alvin's first year playing soccer. So far, they both seem to enjoy it immensely.

Alvin is playing on a team called "Smurfs". He is #4 and is just having an absolutely great time.

He spent a good majority of the game on the ground. Sitting there. Laying there. Picking grass. I can't fault him though. We had to be at the field at 8am in order to get pictures taken and his game wasn't until 10am. He was one tired little guy when his game started.

They played a team called "Minions" and lost. He doesn't care though. He's having a good time.

Next is Miss Erin. She is playing for a team called "Hornets". She has absolutely no clue what she's doing, but she's having a good time doing it!

Her team won against the Wolverines. I believe the score was 5-0.

I think I'm likely going to start splitting these posts up. One per kid. Otherwise, the posts will end up extremely long.